Los Angeles | Don't Tell Comedy + Dinner | August 10

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Los Angeles | Don't Tell Comedy + Dinner | August 10


Don’t Tell Comedy is partnering with Hosted to throw a one-of-a-kind comedy event in Beverly Hills! What could be a better pairing than incredibly funny comedy and a gourmet cannabis infused dining experience!

The night will begin with a short cocktail hour complete with seasonal passed hors d’oeuvres. Next, guests will sit down for a 4-course gourmet meal with individually calibrated cannabis infusions for each guest.*

Throughout dinner, guests will be treated to some of LA’s best and brightest comics.

*non-infused meals available upon request

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LOCATION: 1246 Meadowbrook Ave, Los Angeles CA 90019

DINNER: The night begins at 7:30 with passed hors d’ourves. Dinner follows shortly and the house is open until 11 PM. Please don’t drive.

MENU: See below for full details

BOOZE: 2 drinks provided (Red & White Wine) with BYOB recommended.

CONTACT: support@hostedeats.com

What you can expect?...

  • Some of the best and brightest comics who have performed all around the country!

  • Never lift a finger. The entire experience is professionally “curated”  instead of “catered”

  • Gourmet, 5 star cuisine prepared by one of our “Hosted” chefs

  • At the end of the night take home your own bottle of our ‘’Hosted” infused finishing oil

Dinner FAQ:

How Will I feel?

This is a party, but not a rager. Your plate is calibrated to your particular tolerance and cannabis experience, all aimed at bringing you to a positive, social, happy place (check your email for a questionnaire).

Should I Smoke Before/During/After?

The best way to enjoy a Hosted dinner is to let the infusion lead the way, and let the food shine without additional flavors smoke may impart (after the meal is your call!).

What About Drinking?

Food is often enjoyed best with a drink! Everyone reacts differently when alcohol is in the mix, so we recommend going easy, and prioritizing on the infusion experience.

Menu for the evening*:

Passed hors d’ourvres

The evening starts with a collection of seasonal chef selected gourmet passed hors d'ouevres

1st Course

Fresh burrata, summer peaches, spicy mustard greens, toasted pine-nuts, with a roasted peach vinaigrette

2nd Course

Maine lobster mac & cheese, crispy herbed panko topping

(Vegetarian) - Golden Beet Poke Bowl, Goat Cheese Mouse, Cashew Snow

(Vegan) - Golden Beet Poke Bowl, Cashew Snow


Seared NY strip steak, horseradish mashed potatoes, crispy artichokes, beef demi, chive oil 

(Vegetarian/Vegan) - Roasted Cali-flour Steak, Smashed Sweet Potatoes, Crispy Artichokes, Chimichurri (veg/vegan)

(Pescatarian) - Pan Roasted King Salmon Fillet, Roasted Corn Suckatash, Brasied Greens

Buffet Style Dessert Bar:

A bountiful display of decadent treats & bites to amuse all pallets.

*GF/Vegan/non -infused options available for All Courses

Hosted Dinner for the Last Prisoner Project