Our Mission

An intimate dinner party brings people together on a personal level like no other experience can.

Problem is, being the host at a dinner party is a nightmare: preparing a guest list, shopping, setup, cooking, serving, not to mention cleanup…

With Hosted, you invite the people and we do everything else.

Hosted’s mission is to bring dinner back home.

Nothing brings people together like good food, good people and great atmosphere. Hosted combines all three with a perfectly calibrated cannabis infusion to create an unforgettable experience.
— Alex Goldman, Executive Chef - Hosted

What you can expect with hosted

  • Never lift a finger. The entire experience is professionally curated

  • Host your own dinner or join one of our monthly social experiences

  • Determine the perfect level of cannabis infusion with our calibration process

  • Gourmet, 5 star cuisine prepared by one of our Hosted chefs

  • Beautiful wine pairings determined by staff sommelier

  • At the end of the night take home your own bottle of our Hosted cannabis oil